Must-Have Items for a Well-Organized Bathroom

The well-organized bathroom is a thing of joy and can transform the bathroom from both a visual and a practical point of view. Here are some suggestions

A Vanity

This, if a bathroom has one, is the focal point of the room. A bathroom vanity can vary in size from huge, multi-basined ones to a small corner sink with a small cupboard underneath. It holds the washbasin, provides storage space, and a countertop.

The price of a bathroom vanity varies and not all bathrooms can fit one, but if they can it is the key feature for a well-organized space.

Shower Caddy

The container that hangs on the wall in the shower can be a massive help. It is a great organizing tool and allows your soaps and shampoos to become easily accessible. They also avoid the shower floor becoming cluttered, which makes it a safety hazard.

Towel Storage

Towels are of course vital to any bathroom and need to be stored in a manageable fashion. This can be done in several ways. These can range from a basket to keep them in or shelves to pile them on. 

Also great for towel storage are wall bags. 

Bath Rack

Stretching across a bath, this classic bathroom management tool is a holdall for everything from soaps to loofahs. The bath rack is a staple in almost every bathroom that has a bath. It simply does make the bathing experience so much better, and some you can even use as a place for your coffee mug.

Counter Trays

These cover surfaces like the tops of vanities or shelves. It makes sense to use each tray for a category of products such as soaps and moisturizers. Keep the trays near where you will need what is on them. If the tray has your clean facecloths, for example, then try and keep the tray between the basin and either the shower or bath.

A principle in organizing a bathroom is that you should be able to reach anything you need without having to move from where you are,

Wall Elements

Wall elements can range from shelves to hooks or even cupboards. Hooks allow the hanging of towels, bags and more. The advantage of hooks is that they are small, and this allows them to be placed almost anywhere, ensuring the things hanging from them are exactly where you need them.

Wall bags are also fantastic and can be used for towels as already mentioned as well as things such as feminine hygiene products. Because of the flexible sides, wall bags make very flexible storage containers as they can handle odd shapes easily.


A well-organized bathroom seems to make life so much easier. Remember the two key purposes of physical organization – accessibility and space management. By having the right elements for a well-organized bathroom, these aims can be achieved and the bathroom experience becomes even more of a pleasure.

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